Structure & Organization

Spanopoulos structure and organization
We, SPANOPOULOS GROUP, have been assembled a team of executive officers, highly skilled employees, experienced crew and permanent productive staff with decades of experience in all aspects of shipping constructions/repairs, towage & marine constructions.


The administrative staff of SPANOPOULOS GROUP works in an ideal environment, which incorporates the most modern technology and organizational structure. The corporate headquarters of SPANOPOULOS GROUP is housed, in an ultra-modern complex at Kato Pounta, Salamis, to a fully upgraded and networked environment.

Both, administrative & technical staff is dedicated to fulfill the needs of our:

  • Customers, by offering the highest level of service quality they require.
  • Partners, by cooperating on the basis of mutual respect and mutual benefit.
  • Society, by acting with due care for the environment and the community.

For Spanopoulos group, ENVIRONMENT & SAFETY are non-negotiable objectives.