Spanopoulos Group

Welcome to SPANOPOULOS Group, look into our world...

Spanopoulos group is the culmination of over 50-year successful activity in the area of marine works and the supply of shipping services in general.

Our People

Our business success depends every day on our employees. Our values define our mutual responsibilities to build a high-performance team. As a people-intensive business, we put great emphasis on the skills and continually improve training standards to meet the constantly changing needs of the marine market.

We invest significantly in learning, developing and implementing a strategy to provide employees of all departments, as well as crew and staff ashore, with equal opportunities to join training programs delivered either in-house or at recognized training organizations.

Every employee is empowered to maintain personal responsibility and commitment towards safe working practices, preserving healthy working conditions and developing awareness of the importance of the environment, whilst delivering the highest level of service to our customers.

We are creating a business environment that encourages teamwork, constructive decision making and commitment to continuous improvement, always raising the bar because we know that success is not a destination, but a journey.