M/V TINAZTEPE S salvage operation

On 7th November 2013, M/V Tinaztepe S run aground Off Stylida port, loaded with 1400 mt of fertilizers. On the 14th November, Spanopoulos Group assistance was requested by the owners, in order to refloat the said vessel. The floating crane “Aggela”, shallow draft tug boat “Christos V” en route from an adjacent area and a salvage team dispatched at the site of casualty, instantly. The grounding effect shows that the discharging of 400 mt of weight was imminent for the vessel to be successfully refloated. On 20th of November 2013, the vessel was successfully refloated after discharging approx. 300 mt of fertilizers onboard the deck of f/c Aggela and 100 mt of ballast water and thereinafter was safely delivered to her owners at a safe place in the anchorage area of Stylida port to the satisfaction of all concerned parties including port and environmental authorities for the quick and smooth operation. Spanopoulos Group remains a proud member of ISU, as well.

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