New corporate identity for Spanopoulos group

New corporate identity for Spanopoulos group

Piraeus, April 16, 2018
New corporate identity for Spanopoulos group

With a new corporate identity, Spanopoulos Group is renewed and reflects its position in the new era of Greek and international entrepreneurship.

In the context of renewal, Spanoulos group redesigned its "S" by fully deploying its vision of growth, exploiting opportunities at a global level.

The combination of colors symbolizes the company's history and future. Our 50-year course continues with the S variant in a more modern style, with many aspects to showcase our wide range of activities on land and sea. Reliable, timeless and sophisticated grey for our long-lasting presence in the shipping industry. Bright, optimistic and contemporary blue for the promising present and future, marking the Greek element globally. With our new, modern font we are ready for the company's transition to global needs.

The company's Board of Directors, Mr. Ignatios and Michalis Spanopoulos, said:
"Our mission is to support our customers and the communities where we operate, with the best services, promoting a better life today and in the future".

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