Press Release 24-2-16 Traditional New Year’s Pie, for 2016, of PASEPPE

Press Release 24-2-16  Traditional New Year’s Pie, for 2016, of PASEPPE

On February 24, at Onassis Foundation for Literature and Arts, took place – with the presence of representatives from member companies of the Association, the scientific world, the Government and the local authorities – the annual event of Traditional New Year’s Pie, for 2016, of PASEPPE (Panhellenic Association of Companies of Environmental Protection). The event contributes to the strengthening of relations and the exchange of views between the institutions and enterprises aiming to Innovation and Environmental Protection. Spanopoulos Group was represented by the Head of Department of Environment and Environmental Protection, Mr. Stefanos Magoulas, Chemical Engineer M.Sc.Eng.. while the event  was honored by the presence of the Minister of Environment and Energy, Mr. John Tsironis and numerous representatives of the Environmental Protection Business Sector.

Spanopoulos Group, having a deep sense of responsibility for the protection of the environment, with a multitude of highly successful projects of Environmental Protection, is one of leading companies in the field of Wreck Removal, Marine Environment De-Pollution, Remediation and Protection. With a pioneering spirit and with respect to the Protection of the Environment, has established an integrated package of activities designed to provide services in the most efficient, effective and environmentally sound manner. Among the works undertaken and carried out with the utmost success by Spanopoulos Group are included the last two largest projects of Wreck Removal & Ship Recycling in South East Mediterranean, the MV "Yusuf Cepnioglu", 2014, in Mykonos, and the MV "GOODFAITH" in 2015, in Andros.

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