Press Release 1-3-14 New Shipyard in Perama

Press Release 1-3-14 New Shipyard in Perama

In accordance with the framework of Spanopoulos group development plan, we are pleased to announce the opening of the new shipbuilding facility I & M SPANOPOULOS OE, in Perama 34, Leoforos Dimokratias, which is already hosting yachts for the season works. The first hauling of a 30m SWAN took place on 5th of February 2014.

The purpose of the new yard is to provide services to luxury yachts that include among other hauling - launching , routine maintenance and repairs, refits and paint jobs.

The new shipyard occupies an area of 16,000 square meters and can accommodate yachts from 25 to 65 feet, while between the benefits include a cafe, gym, library, roof garden and accommodation catering to crew and visitors. The new shipbuilding unit is fully equipped with modern technological equipment, capable of providing a wide range of high quality services to the standards of luxury yachts, at competitive prices.

Given the extensive experience in the field of yachting, I & M SPANOPOULOS OE aspires to lead in shipbuilding services of luxury yachts with highly trained and experienced technical staff, integrated equipment and collaborations with leading international vendors.

At Spanopoulos group, we aim to offer a truly exceptional and unrivalled services, gifting an excellent experience to our visitors. Customer and partner satisfaction all come to bear on our success.