Commercial Shipbuilding

Since its foundation, Spanopoulos shipyard has developed major capabilities in dry docking, ship construction, repair and conversion. The company operates as an independent unit and pursues its own activities based on its particular qualifications, assets equipment and facilities.

Our fully equipped shipyard unit, of approximately 40,000 m2, is located in Ampelakia on the island of Salamis, Greece. Dock position / coordinates: 370 57’ 13’’ N - 230 33’ 06’’ E.

The yard is separated into two zones. Zone A is used for the hauling – docking - repairing - staying of yachts and various workboats and Zone B is used for building, converting, repairing and maintenance of vessels and any type of floating equipment, utilizing its 4 slipways of 2x24x170m and 2x12x150m length.

Capitalizing on years of experience, expertise and know-how to deliver high standard and quality services, Spanopoulos Shipyard strives to build long term relationships with its customers.

The company’s vision is no other than to hold the leading position in the field of ship and yacht repairs, refits and new buildings.

Hauling & Launchings

The shipyard facilities can accommodate 30 vessels of various length, ranging from 35m to 75m, and approximately 25 moored boats. We may also provide a 6,000-ton floating dock of 100m length, 28.60m width, 3.60m height and 3.30m depth, which is able to accommodate larger vessels.

We own an ultra-modern, 820-ton Mobile Boat Hauler for the hauling of yachts - vessels that have a maximum length of 80m, as well as a 300-ton Mobile Boat Trolley for the transportation of the vessels inside the shipyard. Both units of equipment are constructed by Cimolai Technology Spa and approved by Registro Italiano Navale (R.I.NA). Our 50-ton Mobile Boat Hauler is suitable for smaller vessels.

Our shipyard handles all shipbuilding & repair services, as well as the upgrading of our clients’ fleets, under the guidance and supervision of our naval architects, mechanical engineers and electrical engineers of our in house technical department. The design office supports all technical aspects of the operation of the shipyard, particularly in respect to marine equipment.

New Buildings

Spanopoulos Shipyards have undertaken the construction of new vessels for domestic and foreign customers as well. We have competed successfully the new building of workboats, tugboats, barges, etc. for our, group owned, fleet and for other clients. Significant projects are being executed at our premises including the construction of four Auxiliary Boats for the Hellenic Navy, a work boat and an Antipollution Barge for foreign clients, built under high quality standards and close supervision.

Repairs - Refit

Our services are very broad ranging from basic maintenance to complete refit and extensive repairs of most kinds of vessels, using up to date technologies and processes, complete refurbishment, interior design - decoration, antifouling, mechanical works, several surface preparation techniques, full paint works, teak decking etc. A network of approved local specialist subcontractors are cooperating with our technical experts, monitoring all phases of project and ensuring conformity to specified standards. Aim is to provide the highest quality works and services in a timely and profitable manner, handling the most demanding ship repair projects.


  • Machine shop
  • Electrical shop
  • Carpentry
  • Painting booth
  • Plate shop
  • Pipe shop

Repair Services

Provision of a wide services versatility:

  • Hauling, launching, dry docking, short - term stays and wintering
  • Constructions, reconstructions, conversions, general repairs
  • Repairs, renewals, placement of steel plates
  • Hydro blasting, high-power water jetting (400 – 3000 bar), sand blasting
  • Painting, ornamental, surface treatment, steel-plate rust removal, filler application, etc.
  • Piping, boiler, mechanical, electrical, engine and auxiliary machinery works
  • Shafting and propeller works
  • Replacement of zinc anodes
  • Scaffolding, placement and removal

Provisions and Supporting Facilities:
Within the shipyard premises among the buildings for workshop and services, there are the Head Office Building, the Warehouses and three workshops (mechanical, electrical, carpentry) for direct production needs:

  • Ultra-modern administration building with two conference rooms and 1 multimedia seminar class room
  • Hangar for new buildings and repairs in covered area
  • Technical support from our highly-specialized and trained officers (Naval Architects, Naval Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Safety Engineers, Safety Chemist), and from our approved subcontractors
  • Issue of Gas free Certificates
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements
  • Fire-fighting line supply system
  • Compressed air supply system
  • Ventilation supply system
  • Electric power supply system (380, 220, 110, 42, 24 V)

Infrastructure - Other Facilities:
Piping workshop - machinery workshop, fully equipped with:

  • Automatic CNC cutting tool guided by professional software program. Uses oxygen & acetylene, plasma for aluminum and other specific materias.
  • Disc Cutter Machines
  • Geared Head Milling and Drilling Machines
  • Press Strojaren piesok Machines
  • Lathe
  • Bench Grinder
  • Air compressors
  • Welding Machines, etc.
  • Containers for offices and stowage
  • Potain Tower cranes of 20 tons
  • Forklifts, Clark, man lift, cherry pickers, telescopic hydraulic cylinder, telescopic cranes, bob cat, trucks etc.

Back Office Support Facilities:

  • ISO Box Offices
  • Internal Office, meeting rooms, secretarial staff support
  • Wireless Internet
  • Close Circuit TV system
  • Provision of internet password to yacht owners for visual access to yard environment in order to watch their yacht - work progress etc.
  • Security Guard (on 24hrs basis)
  • Warehouses for the storage of yacht's materials - spare parts etc.