Harbour Services

Spanopoulos Group has the experience, the human and technical resources to undertake ship to ship transfers of cargo, heavy lifts of mechanical parts and generators, and also the replacement of life saving equipment. Moreover, our expertise personnel can replace and fit anchors as well as helping ships to retrieve their anchors when they stuck on sea bed. All the works can be done both in harbour and offshore areas.

Ship to Ship/ Ship to Shore Handling

  • In ports and sheltered waters
  • In coastal waters
  • On the open sea
Floating cranes are available in two different variants, all diesel driven for optimizing efficiency:
Cranes on a pedestal mounted on a rotation base, specialized for dredging services and lifting/placement of blocks (F/C IGNATIOS I - LIMA 2400 A, F/C IGNATIOS II - FMC LS 718, F/C IGNATIOS IV - AMERICAN 9260), or Crawler Cranes, mounted on barges that enable crane to service several vessel’s holds during discharging (F/C AGELA - LIMA 2400 A, F/C IGNATIOS III - LIEBHERR LR 1400, F/C IGNATIOS XVI - MANITOWOC 4000W).

Lightering Operations / Cargo Discharge

Additionally, our company undertakes to reduce a vessel’s draft and in emergency conditions, expertise is critical in ship to ship / ship to shore lightering, if a vessel has run aground or to remove something valuable before it is damaged or lost. In some cases, fuel or waste is also lightered to keep the damaged ship free from spilling and not pollute the environment.

Our experience marine salvage team performs Cargo Recovery Operations (cargo lightening, storage and transshipment, hazardous cargoes/material handling, removal and disposal) executing - approved by the pertinent port Authorities - lightering plans safely and efficiently by the use of multipurpose - built Spanopoulos fleet/ equipment, fendering, high power pumps, allowing emergency lightering operations to be conducted within broader scope of vessel stability and hull and strength considerations.

Agency - Husbanding Services

Ship Chandler in Greece
Spanopoulos Group provides also high quality AGENCY and HUSBANDING services throughout Greece. All client needs are met timely and efficiently capitalizing on the Group’s gained capabilities, experienced stuff and versatile owned equipment.

Customer satisfaction is guaranteed around the clock and year, at every Greek port, supporting all kinds of vessels such as pleasant yachts, commercial and military vessels.

The range of services is provided by our office, include but are not limited to:
  • Attendance of transit calls
  • Attendance of cargo operations - Loading / Discharging
  • Attendance as charterers / owners protecting agents
  • Attendance of vessel's transit via Corinth Canal

Husbanding Services:

  • Free pratique,
  • Port & consular formalities, custom clearance,
  • Crew Changes, Ticketing, Meet and Greet at the Airport, Hotel Accommodation,
  • Crew medical assistance,
  • Mooring services - Provision of our owned floating equipment (tugs, launches, floating cranes, barges, etc),
  • Ship maintenance & emergency repairs provided by the experienced stuff of our A1 shipyard, specialized in MEGAYACHTS’ maintenance,
  • Spare parts delivery - Provision of support equipment (fenders, brows and brow stands,  camels, fleet landing lots, paint floats, material handling equipment / forklifts & land crane, services cranes, ladders, etc.)
  • Bunkering / Lubs / Chemicals,
  • Water, Provisions, & Stores,
  • Garbage disposal