The shipyard facilities can accommodate 30 vessels of various lengths, up to a length of approx. 100m, and approximately 30 moored boats. We may also provide a 5,000 tons floating dock of 100m length, 28.60m width, 3.60m height and 3.30m depth.

In the frame of our development program we recently acquired a 22,500 tons floating dock of 232m length and 34m net breadth.

We own an ultra-modern, 820 tons Mobile Boat Hauler for the hauling of vessels that have a maximum length of 80m, as well as a 300 tons Mobile Boat Trolley for the transportation of the vessels inside the shipyard. Both units of equipment are approved by R.I.NA. 

Our shipyard handles all shipbuilding & repair services, as well as the upgrading of our clients' fleets, under the guidance and supervision of our naval architects, mechanical engineers and electrical engineers of our in house technical department.