The Consortium of Spanopoulos Salvage Tugs an affiliate company of the titular union has a long tradition of 50 years of experience and marine services provision in the maritime field.

Having as driving value the safety of life at sea and the marine protection, we have been equipped with excellent expertise, in order to move towards the maritime roads of the future.

Our fleet is fully manned by tug captains, officers and crew of great expertise to harbour tug-boats, salvage tugs, AHTS, self-propelled floating cranes, by assisting vessels and other floating units.

All towing services are provided through a modern fleet of tug-boats up to 100 tons of bollard pull, equipped with Dynamic Position System, as well.

Our vessels are exceptionally equipped with the latest modern high-tech means dedicated to render high standards of towing operations, pollution mitigation activities, fire fighting, and loose support services.

Moreover, our salvage tugs and pollution abatement vessels are used by specialized crew experienced in salvage operations and pollution treatment activities. Their particular equipment includes: a wide range of specialized salvage equipment such a powerful submersible pumps, cargo pumps, generators, cutting tools, welding, repairing/fixing gear, fire fighting, diving equipment and weird skimmers.

Our office is manned on 365/24 basis, and supported by experienced and highly-trained staff at the Headquarters, consisted of highly experienced tug masters and tug engineers, who are dedicated to provide consultation services around the clock.

With facilities in Central, Northern and Southern of Greece and more specifically in the areas of main Piraeus Port, Thessaloniki and Crete; we offer the following services on a global scale:

  • Harbour towing, services and relevant towing and assisting services
  • Open Sea Towages (all types of vessel)
  • Terminals: towing services and relevant towing and management of coastal and offshore terminals
  • Salvage & Emergency Response: Salvage assistance and emergency response on vessels immobilized or in danger
  • Wreck removal of hazardous vessels, protection of the environment and provision of consulting services.